Volume 3 Issue 8



Baptism Services To Be Conducted Again


· COVID-19 infections at the Benton County Detention Center have been dropping, and the jail is, once again, open to the Jail Ministers.  Bible studies will be limited in the number attending initially, but restrictions will continue to be lifted gradually as the overall C-19 continue to drop both in the jail and in the state.


· Due to federal government restrictions one must attend a Criminal Justice Information class or be accompanied by an escort when entering the Sheriff’s Office. That class is anticipated to be available to the Jail Ministers during the first half of November, and Bible studies will resume immediately thereafter.


· Meanwhile, inmates have continued to hold Bible studies and prayer gatherings on their own This is thanks, in no small part, to the foundations laid by the Jail Ministers prior to the C–19 shutdown.


· There have been numerous requests for baptism by inmates at the Detention Center, but concern for possible infection from the baptistry water closed the baptistry in mid-March of last year.  During the first two and one-half months of 2020, one hundred men and women incarcerated at the jail publicly announced their decision to follow Christ through baptism, with another thirty scheduled before the shutdown.  Over 1100 men and women have been baptized at the the jail since 2017!


· Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries is making a difference!  Watch some of the testimonies on our website,


· Perhaps you’ve been touched by the ministry in the jail or in the field.  We’d love to hear your story.  Contact Chaplain Jim by phone or text at 479-366-4527, or by email at


· NWA Adopt-a-Cop honored outstanding service by area law enforcement officers at an awards dinner Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries salutes Adopt-a-Cop for their support of the law enforcement community and is proud to be teaming up with them in future events.  Watch for a special event to show support by the faith community for the law enforcement community.


· Our goal is to help make chaplain services available to all law enforcement  and fire/EMS agency in the area.  Presently, Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries is the primary chaplains provider for three Benton County law enforcement agencies and the backup provider for several others.  Two area fire departments count on the ministry to provide primary chaplain services.  And, we provide chaplain services for the Benton County Fire Association upon request.  We also help area emergency services agencies establish their own chaplain programs.  If your agency is interested in how Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries could help your agency  please contact Chaplain Jim Dixon.


· Would you or your business like to connect with and be identified as a supporter of emergency service chaplaincy?  Corporate and business sponsorships for Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries are now available.  As a sponsor your business logo would be prominently identified in promotional material including our newsletter, which is distributed both electronically and by mail.  Additionally, you would be able to identify your business or corporation in your own promotional material with the Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries Logo, which we would provide.  If you have a heart for the law enforcement or fire/EMS, or for those incarcerated in the Benton County Detention Center, and more information about sponsorship, contact Chaplain Jim by phone or text, or email him at


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