.Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries now serves the Little Flock Police Department.  Our goal is to help assure every law enforcement  and fire/EMS agency in the area has chaplain services available to them. Recently the Little Flock Police Department reached out to Chaplain Jim Dixon about helping establish a program for their community, and he agreed to serve as department chaplain.  He is helping LFPD network with the churches in that city, identifying resources available and how to best connect. 

The International Conference of Police Chaplains awards Senior Chaplain status to law enforcement chaplains who complete at least 150 hours of training and have served the law enforcement community for at least five years.  Chaplain Jim Dixon has well over the 150 hour minimum and twenty-one years of chaplain experience, and four years experience as a part-time deputy sheriff in Oklahoma.  Chaplain Jim was recently awarded Senior Chaplain status.


Update on COVID-19 impact on the jail ministry:  Though the Detention Center remains closed due to Covid risk, chaplains are able to deliver death notifications and emergency messages to inmates incarcerated there.  Hopefully, restricts will be eased or lifted soon.  In the mean time we ask you to:

· protection Pray that the spread of the Coronavirus will end.

· Pray for for the inmates and staff who have not contracted the virus.

· Pray for the recovery of the inmates and staff who are infected.

· Pray for the inmates who are conducting Bible studies on their own in the jail.  Many men and women incarcerated have a strong relationship with God and a strong Bible background.  Somewhere along the line they made a bad choice.  But that doesn’t stop God from using them!


Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries is looking for a new or late model pre-owned 4wd pickup or SUV.  Perhaps you have one you would like to donate.  As with any donation to Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Ministries, your donation is tax-deductible.  If, as a business you’d like to donate a vehicle, your gift would be acknowledged in the graphics on the vehicle, and in promotional material for the ministry.  Contact Chaplain Jim at (479) 366-4527 by phone or text, or email him at for more information.